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Nationwide Outsourced CFO Services – Located in Utah

Managing your business’ financial and legal affairs can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. We at Sonnenburg Consulting offer outsourced CFO services, accounting services, and business consulting services so you don’t have to worry about the financial and legal minutiae that can drag your business down.  

Sonnenburg Consulting has experience managing all aspects of corporate and small business finance. Our team of experts take care of the back end to allow you to focus on your main business objectives. Our consulting professionals in Utah want to help your business succeed. Here’s how we can help.

Chief Financial Officer Services

Sonnenburg Consulting’s outsourced CFO services include managing and supervising all financial and legal matters on your behalf. We work with you to develop a detailed plan on what services you need to succeed. 

This includes managing:

  • Insurance matters
  • Financial statement reporting and analysis
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Operations processes
  • Company startup or dissolution
  • Records and corporate document updates 
  • Budgeting and planning
  • Cash flow management

We have the technical expertise and the skills to effectively assist in managing your financials and forecast where your business needs to be to succeed. Our team is available to answer the questions you have about your business’ financial and legal status to keep it running smoothly. Simply, we are skilled at telling the story behind the numbers. 

Our National CFO for Hire Rates

We are available for one-time projects or ongoing services.  Services are billed hourly at $125 per hour.

If you’re ready to work with a team that truly tries to understand your business, here’s what you can do:

Next Steps: How to Sign Up for CFO Services

If you’re in need of outsourced CFO solutions, the process to get started with Sonnenburg is simple. Simply get in touch!

While our team is located in Utah, it does not matter if you’re in Salt Lake City or New York City, as we can work remotely with you. While many clients enjoy the ease of our remote services, we can also travel to you to meet your unique circumstances. 

Contact us today to see how Sonnenburg Consulting can help your business succeed. 

FAQs – Outsourced CFO Services:

What is an Outsourced CFO?

Think CFO for hire. Not all businesses want to or are able to manage all of their financial and legal matters in-house. As such, an outsourced Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is responsible for managing the financial and legal aspects of a business. From tracking cash flow, analyzing financial health, and financial planning, CFOs ensure your business’s finances are up-to-date. When tax time rolls around, CFOs oversee preparing tax information and work with an income tax preparer so taxes are filed on time. 

CFOs also assist in legal matters to make sure your business complies with all federal, state, and local regulations. Our team acts as legal and regulatory liaisons for your business, and helps your business navigate the legal field so you don’t have to. 

Is my small business big enough to outsource CFO services?

No business is too small to outsource your CFO services. In a constantly changing business world, knowing how to analyze and forecast business financial health helps businesses like yours stay on track. 

Why use outsourced CFO services?

The day-to-day aspects of running a business can quickly overwhelm even the most workaholic business owner. When you add on the financial responsibilities — payroll, taxes, business licenses, etc. — you quickly develop a recipe for disaster. Even if you employ bookkeeping staff, they may not be fully qualified to handle the duties of a CFO.

Outsourced CFO services allow you to take a step back from your business and see the big picture. It can help manage cashflow needs, and possibly even open up opportunities for growth. Best yet, you get all of these benefits with the assurance that your finances are handled with an eye toward regulatory compliance. The real question is: why wouldn’t you use outsourced CFO services?

What are the competitive advantages of CFO for hire services?

Imagine the scenario in the question above — but at your competition’s business. They go through the same financial stress that you experience, and the competitive edge lies in eliminating that stress in your business. You can focus on growth instead of checking your bank account balance.

Outsourced CFO services are also cheaper for small businesses than hiring a dedicated CFO, but you get the same benefits. Time-intensive tasks like insurance, payroll, day-to-day budgets can be shifted onto your new CFO’s plate, which allows you to pour all of your energy and innovation back into your business. 

When do you need a CFO consulting service?

The simplest answer is: now. There’s no true pinpoint moment when we can say you absolutely need an outsourced CFO, but there are signs that you’re in a dangerous zone and need help. Here’s what to look for:

  • “Cloudy” or uncertain financial future
  • IRS audits or fees, or you feel you’re overpaying taxes
  • Inaccurate reporting of finances from bookkeeping staff
  • Desire to expand location(s)
  • You need to find cost savings opportunities without hurting production
  • Payroll is difficult to handle and fulfill without errors
  • Internal paperwork has become difficult to manage and track
  • You want a financial safety net for your business, should the economy or demand change

These are just a few situations that can benefit from a CFO, but again, you may not be able to afford one full time. In any of these cases (and more), hire a CFO consulting service. 

What can I expect from my outsourced CFO?

With an outsourced CFO from Sonnenburg, you can expect a professional, detail oriented individual to help guide your business’ financial future. This includes detailed reporting, personalized service, and an understanding of your industry and the regulations surrounding it. Your outsourced CFO will also help oversee your current bookkeeping staff to ensure accuracy at every level, and may possibly be involved with multiple levels of your business on a daily basis.

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