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Blogger Experiencing Exponential Growth


The client was tracking their expenses in spreadsheets and didn’t have an accounting system in place. The client had also begun an online store and didn’t know how to account for revenue and sales. The CPA that was used previously had filed an incorrect return the previous year and did not have high income or high net worth clients. The client needed a CPA with experience to strategize for tax deductions for high income. The client wanted to track where all the net revenue was going and wanted to set more aside for investments, but found that the revenue was always being used to catch up on tax payments.


We created a Quickbooks file to properly account for all the activity. We found a CPA better suited for the client and worked with them to strategize and maximize deductions.  We also worked with the financial advisor and the client was able to put hundreds of thousands of dollars away for investment. The client now monitors how the business is doing on a monthly basis and sets the proper amount aside each month for taxes and retirement contributions, making it easier for planning and budgeting.


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